Family Portraits

I love family storytelling through images. After giving birth to my second child, I left my career as an accountant and pursued photography. Best decision ever. The families I have developed relationships with is everything I ever dreamed of. An ideal night for me involved a glass of wine, movies over the fireplace, and chats with good friends. It truly is a great life. Thank you for supporting my dream, and I look forward to photographing your family!


5 Ways to Pump Up Your Kids For A Family Session!

Photographing families is always a unique experience, given the fact each family is entirely different! Parents are typically cooperative, but the kids, on the other hand, well, that can be another story. Today, I am sharing fun and fool-proof ways to entertain your children and get them excited about your upcoming family photography session!

  • Let them choose their outfits! Sure, go ahead and give them a few to select from for obvious reasons. This allows them to have the freedom to pick what they want to wear. Ta-da! Watch how proud they are come session day.
  • Set an award following your session. Tell them afterward, that you will all go to the movie theater to see a new movie out and grab some popcorn and drinks! 
  • Simply talk about it. Make it a privilege, not a hassle. If you amp them up and let them know how exciting these photo sessions are, they will show up more excited and ready to go!
  • Show them other family sessions. This could be famous people they see in their favorite shows or movies. They will want to follow in these footsteps!
  • Maybe they are caught up in the social media world. Let them know you plan on posting these to Facebook or Instagram and have them check how many 'likes' they receive!
  • As a parent, ultimately, your attitude will carry over to your kids. Just show up smiling, happy, and ready to go. I am sure they will follow suit.



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