Why WE REQUIRE Makeup And Hair FOR The Day Of Your Session


  1. Regular makeup is hard to see through all the filters of high def cameras can throw at it. Makeup Artist uses highly pigmented makeup so that you will look natural, yet amazing for your senior/branding portraits.
  2. Most MUAs waterproof their makeup (especially those who use airbrush) so that your face will be flawless from the beginning to the end of your photoshoot. Sweat, humidity, water, and heat will have nothing on your super fab face!
  3. AIRBRUSH makeup is the lightest and smoothest foundation application in the industry compared to traditional. It's so thin that it looks super natural without leaving a waxy build-up as regular makeup can.
  4. There is nothing scarier than having an allergic reaction to your makeup during your senior picture session. Make sure your makeup artist uses oil-free and alcohol-free products to safeguard your face!
  5. If you choose airbrush makeup, it also safeguards it against something called "settling." Airbrush foundation will not settle into any pores wrinkles or scars on your face and which most regular makeup will do.
  6. There is a huge difference between everyday makeup and camera-ready makeup. The products that most makeup artists use our specifically made for the camera as well as camera-ready faces.
  7. Using a professional makeup artist with credentials, I can ensure a mistake-free experience. Find security and use a make-up artist who has had special training and camera make up not just regular makeup.
  8. Using a professional who is licensed and specially trained, and who has a contract can protect you from mishaps that may encounter.
  9. Education is key. Use in a professional make up artist who has been taught by the industry is a leading expert and camera ready make a will ensure that she knows what she is doing.
  10. Airbrush makeup is what the bridal, model, television, and movie industries use. You deserve the very best for your face when it comes to your portraits. Don’t settle for anything less! Traditional makeup is acceptable as well, just make sure your MUA understands it's for a photoshoot!

First off, pampering yourself loosens you up and gets rid of anxiety. Who doesn’t like feeling like royalty, anyways? When you feel beautiful, it will show through your images in the end. 

Make sure to wear a button-up or zip-up shirt when having your hair and makeup done. You don’t want to mess up any of the hard work. Having fresh foundation will help smooth your skin from blemishes or discoloration. Even some false lashes will add a “WOW” factor to you! We recommend curls for our clients. This helps with providing classy photos, or you can get messy in them to give your images a bit of sass!

This will be similar to a spa day for you. Kick off your shoes, make yourself at home and relax!

All the best,